For the ultimate one-of-a-kind hand-painted guitar that screams AWESOME, nothing beats a Custom Painted Guitar by AXE HEAVEN®.

We will hand-paint the body of any real full-size guitar with any design or concept you desire, from exotic Rock ‘n’ Roll masterpieces to a postcard perfect painting promoting your brand or special event.

Whatever message and emotion you want communicate with your real playable hand-painted guitar—electric or acoustic—we can custom design it to your exact specifications. Your audience will thereafter only associate your unique musical instrument with you and your brand.

And then we can create handcrafted mini guitar replica collectibles you can giveaway or sell, to add extra long-term top-of-mind value to your investment.

Take a look at our gallery below and then contact us at to discuss the details about ordering your very own Custom Painted Guitar.

Gallery: Custom Painted Guitars by AXE HEAVEN®

Contact one of our friendly sales representatives at for more info or a quote tailored for your specific needs.


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