Product Licensing with AXE HEAVEN®
A True Original – licensed & Endorsed by the Greatest Bands, Brands & Artists

Officially Licensed AXE HEAVEN® Products

A Handmade Product for Your Passionate Fans and a Perfect Merch Solution for You!

Great for promotional marketing, fan club meet & greets, and artist merch stores!

Looking for a product to build your unique brand as an artist, guitar manufacturer, business owner or an enthusiast?

Our goal as a licensee is to ultimately fuel unrecognized revenue streams for both parties. AXE HEAVEN® helps entities and artists discover new business through uniquely creative products, outside of their primary skill-set, inherently generating long-term income, above and beyond their core craft.

We can create a custom consumer product that builds your unique brand.

Feel free to contact us to collaborate your vision into an innovative and effective revenue-centric reality.

It’s no wonder that AXE HEAVEN® has captured thousands around the world to fall in love with our company, what we stand for, and what we produce.

We have a proven track record for adding to the top and bottom lines.

For more information about your custom promotional miniature guitar project send us an email.


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