Custom Triple Platinum Record Awards by AXE HEAVEN®

When you need to recognize someone for a supreme individual accomplishment or a lifetime of achievement, an ordinary off-the-shelf award just won’t do.

To properly express your gratitude for the highest achievers, you need a personalized award that matches the standard of excellence you’re commemorating, like a Custom Triple Platinum Record Award by AXE HEAVEN®.

Custom Framed Multiple Record Awards
Custom Triple Platinum Record Award

Memories Worth Preserving with Triple Platinum

A custom record award can illustrate a person’s business achievements (with photos, plaques, docs, trinkets, etc.) and express your heartfelt gratitude for everything they’ve contributed to your organization’s success. You can have everyone who worked with the honoree sign the award, so those happy memories can be preserved and cherished forever!

A personalized Gold or Platinum Record, with plaques and photos all set in a beautiful custom frame, is a truly special way to honor your deserving team members.

With a fully customized and personalized award, a deserving recipient will undoubtedly feel your personal and professional appreciation in the best way possible. When you honor an employee in front of their peers at a company party or event, you demonstrate their true value—and you motivate everyone else to achieve similar outstanding results.

Custom Triple Platinum Record Awards by AXE HEAVEN®

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