If you’re putting together a really important party or special event, and you really need to impress everyone on your VIP guest list, then custom party invitations that feature miniature replica guitars by AXE HEAVEN® are really the best possible option.

When you send a guitar-themed invite that includes one of our handcrafted collectible keepsakes, the party starts the moment your guests receive their invitations—and it will really rock when everyone assembles for the actual event.

If you want to elevate your party to “best ever” status, then a guitar invite is a no-brainer, because it will immediately set the tone of your event to the proper pitch. Your guests will arrive in a great mood and stoked for fun. And when your “best ever” party is over, your very important guests will always treasure their unique and thoughtful souvenir from a very special moment.

If your party is a corporate event, branding doesn’t get much better than having your mark on a cherished custom promotional collectible that will be proudly and prominently displayed.

In addition to custom party invitations, like the example below, our mini guitars have also been used as event décor and gift bag swag. Your unique invitations can feature any of our miniature guitars, including from our Licensed Fender™ Collection.

When a party or event starts with custom party invitations that feature AXE HEAVEN® mini guitars, it always ends on the right note!

Case Studies of AXE HEAVEN® Mini Guitar Invitations
Click on images below for the story behind each custom mini guitar.

No Limit to Custom Guitar Invitation Design Concepts

Each of our special event miniature guitar invitation projects is 100% custom designed and hand-crafted. There is virtually no limit to the design concepts or ideas we can make a reality.

Please contact us for more information about a vcustom guitar invitation for your special celebration: sales@axeheaven.com.


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