Event Décor Miniature Guitars by AXE HEAVEN®

Rock your next event with handcrafted mini guitars!

We supply miniature guitars, drums, and amps to event planners for their unique table centerpieces, room decorations, and gifts. If you’re planning a business or personal event you want to be special and memorable, we can help you make it rock!

Event Décor with Miniature Guitars by AXE HEAVEN®

Your event will ROCK when you use AXE HEAVEN® Mini Guitars as part of your decorations and gifts.

Event Planners Use Our Mini Replica Guitars, Drums & Amps to Create Rockin’ Centerpiece Decorations & Cherished Party Favors

Case Studies of AXE HEAVEN® Event Décor
Click on images below for the story behind each decoration.

Event planners and designers use AXE HEAVEN® collectible miniature guitars and drum kits to make a dramatic impact on the decor of special events, including:

  • Engagement Parties / Weddings
  • Bar / Bat Mitzvahs
  • Graduations
  • Guitar Centerpieces
  • Social Engagements
  • Charity Fundraisers
  • Conferences / Conventions
  • Award Ceremonies

AXE HEAVEN Miniature Guitars Make Unique Design Elements for Any Special Event

Axe Heaven miniature guitars are unbelievably remarkable in their attention to precise proportion and detail. Each miniature guitar is made of solid mahogany wood, hand-crafted and airbrushed with outstanding detail.

If you are looking for that unique guitar centerpiece table decoration or party favor, you have found it!

We have a wide variety of replica guitars to choose from, based on “axes” of some of the most popular Rock Stars of yesterday and today, to meet your personal preference or event needs.

Event Décor Case Study: Learn how event planner Brad Austin has used AXE HEAVEN® miniature guitars as centerpieces for his special event design.

Event Décor Case Study: See how AXE HEAVEN® miniature guitars were used as part of the event decor at the Pacific Life 2011 National Sales & Award Conference.

Event Décor Case Study: Learn how event planner Kim Albers used AXE HEAVEN® miniature guitars to decorate a “Hard Rock” themed bar mitzvah party.

Contact us at sales@axeheaven.com to make your next event’s décor extra special with AXE HEAVEN® Mini Guitars, Amps, and Drum Sets.