If you love guitars and you have a coffee table, you need “The Collection: Slash, Custom Edition” shown in the photo gallery below (click images to enlarge).

Collector’s Dream: Hand-Signed Limited Edition of 500

For serious fans and collectors, the Custom Edition comes in a deluxe clamshell box with lots of exclusive goodies. It includes an Axe Heaven® Appetite Burst Les Paul miniature guitar, an exclusive Slash bandana, a pick tin with Dunlop® guitar picks, a cover poster, four guitar art prints, and a certificate of authenticity. The Custom Edition is hand-signed by Slash and is limited to 500 copies.

The photographs of Slash’s incredible guitar collection alone make this book worth owning. It features beautiful photos and stories about the guitars he’s played on the classic recordings by Guns ‘N Roses and on stages around the globe for decades. Check out the Gibson TV episode below in which Slash discusses at length some of the most important and cherished guitars in his personal collection.

Watch Slash Discuss His Personal Collection of Guitars (1 hr. 13 mins.)

Slash Gibson Les Paul Standard Appetite Burst 1:4 Scale Mini Guitar Model

When you set your limited-edition copy of “The Collection: Slash, Custom Edition” on your coffee table, you can also display the included AXE HEAVEN® Mini Guitar next to it. Our officially licensed Slash Gibson Les Paul Standard Appetite Burst 1:4 Scale Mini Guitar Model is handcrafted from solid wood, with metal tuning keys.

At 300+ pages (11.69″ x 16.54”), the book is large and quite heavy. While looking through it on your table you can turn the pages with one hand and hold the mini in your other hand, to feel the smooth polished finish and see up-close a replica example of the artisan details on the dozens of instruments shown in the book.

Slash Mini Guitars Replicate His Gibson Artist Collection Models

In 2020, Gibson released a half dozen new Slash guitars as part of its Artist Collection. At that time, AXE HEAVEN also released a mini replica collectible version of each of those instruments.

Watch Slash Discuss His Set of Gibson Artist Collection Guitars (4 mins. 53 secs.)

If you don’t have a coffee table or you just want to shop for some officially licensed SLASH mini guitar collectibles—including all of the Les Pauls and acoustic models above, as well as a replica of the Gibson EDS-1275 Doubleneck he’s holding in the photo at the top of the page—just click the button below to visit our online store.