As Lita Ford heads out on her worldwide tour in 2023, she’ll be offering her fans limited-edition autographed miniature replica collectibles of three of her most awesome guitars. This merch collection, available in the official Lita Ford online store, features handcrafted 1:4 scale models of her Black Hamer, her white doubleneck, and her sizzling red Warlock.

Must-Have Merchandise

If you’re a Lita Ford fan, you know you want at least one of these autographed beauties, so click the banner below to start shopping. The decision of which model to acquire will be difficult, so just buy all three, to assure you’ll have no regrets when they’re sold out.

If you’re a touring musician, there’s no better way to connect with your fans than offering signed mini guitars at VIP Meet & Greet events, at your concert merch table, and/or in your online store. Your dedicated followers will cherish these limited-edition collectibles and proudly display them in a prominent location. Check out the other famous rockstars we’ve partnered with to create handcrafted ARTIST MEET & GREET MERCHANDISE.

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Lita Ford Merch