When the corporate event planners at Freightliner wanted to create a unique and exciting invitation worthy of the event invitees’ achievements, they naturally came up with a Rockstar theme. With their theme in place, the search began for an appropriate invitation. Their search ended when they found Axe Heaven®.

The results of the custom guitar invitation we helped them create are below. In addition to our Officially Licensed Fender™ Sunburst Stratocaster™ Mini Guitar and A-frame stand, the invitation included a custom gift box label, the custom printed invitation, plus a custom event poster.

Of course, the invitees were appropriately impressed and stoked for the event upon arrival and everyone had a magnificent time at the celebration — and everyone now has their Mini Guitar memento proudly displayed in a prominent place as a reminder of their achievement and Freightliner’s thoughtful recognition.

Freightliner_Rock Star Invitation_1

Freightliner_Rock Star Invitation_2

Freightliner_Rock Star Invitation_3

Freightliner_Rock Star Invitation_4

No Limit to Custom Guitar Invitation Design Concepts

Each of our special event miniature guitar invitation projects is 100% custom designed and handcrafted. There is virtually no limit to the design concepts or ideas we can make a reality.

Please contact us for more information about a custom guitar invitation for your special celebration: sales@axeheaven.com.


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