Click for Axe Heaven Rock StarsWhat do George Lynch, Bootsy Collins, Michael Wilton, Michael Anthony,  and Stephen McSwain have in common? They are a few of the many internationally famous guitar and bass players that have created officially licensed custom promotional miniature guitar replicas by AXE HEAVEN®. These artists have been able to share their unique guitars and basses with their loyal fans, who love being able to display their passion for the music and impress their friends with our hand-crafted works of art.

Why would you, a famous Rock Star, want to create your very own promotional miniature? Well, maybe you have a special event or “guitar clinic” planned and need a really cool giveaway besides the tradition t-shirt that will sit forgotten in a drawer most of the time. Or maybe you want a unique product that really represents your music to sell on your own website. Whatever the reason, AXE HEAVEN products help you connect with your fans in a truly unique and potent manner.

When you create your own AXE HEAVEN promotional products, our designers and talented craftsmen will help you develop a stunning miniature representation of your musical instrument that will define your talent and art like nothing else. We have worked with dozens of artists, from classic rockers who helped start the psychedelic era to funky hipsters who revolutionized rhythm and blues – and many other noted stars in between, including metal musicians and new-age jazz guitarists.

So, how does it work? Usually, we are contacted at by an artist’s management or promotional products representative, though we have been contacted directly by some musicians who wanted to be directly involved in the development process. In some cases, it takes less than a month from the initial contact to the time of delivery. And you won’t be disappointed with the results, because AXE HEAVEN is the world’s leading manufacturer of miniature guitar replicas due to our attention to detail and understanding of the special needs of our very special clients.

To see a partial roster of the many stars with whom we have worked (some prefer to keep their partnership with us a trade secret) and the top-quality products we have created for them, visit the Custom Shop or Promo Axe sections of our website. Then, give us a shout to get the ball rolling. Your fans will love you even more (if that’s possible) when they get their their hands on one of these unique and exclusive promotional items.