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Local artists were chosen to paint a number of 10′ fiberglass guitar sculptures, which will be placed in prominent locations in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Gene Evans from Luckystar Studio® was selected as one of the artists to paint the 10′ guitar for the Waukesha Guitar Town Project. Above are a few pictures taken during the process of constructing the actual 10′ guitar. Read more about the entire project by clicking here.

Titled Meow Meow, Moon, Meow, the piece influenced by a couple songs by Les Paul, himself; Tiger Rag and How High the Moon, favorite songs of the artist. Gene used the titles to create a narrative of a Tiger-man trying to reach the moon within the microverse of the guitar itself. Deep, huh? And it’s cold too.

One has to wonder where AXE HEAVEN® comes in on this massive project? Gene Evans knew his labor of love would soon be gone and displayed for the Waukesha Guitar Town Project, so he wanted a little something to remember his amazing axe! That is when Gene found us! We create with out question the coolest product on earth! Okay thats a bit much, but for some people it really is pretty much the best thing ever. We replicated the 10′-Foot monster Meow Meow, Moon, Meow guitar into a 10″-Inch miniature guitar handcrafted from solid wood. The process was about the same only on a much smaller scale. We captured every detail by hand airbrushing and painting from the photos that were sent over.

The final Custom Shop Miniature Guitar by AXE HEAVEN® turned out amazing! Turn your original guitar artwork into a piece of unrecognized profit! Are you an artist looking to add to your next gallery show? We have worked with some of the worlds best rockers and fine artist, contact us today to start your custom one-of-a-kind mini guitar model replica. Check out more examples of our mini custom model guitars at ROCK YOUR PASSION!

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