“Choose Only Love…” Melissa’s music and message are very inspirational and empowering. Her words and music help friends and loved ones get through difficult battles with cancer. We have worked exclusively with Melissa on a tribute miniature guitar that supports a cause that she is very passionate about. The final mini guitar turned out beautifully pink! Rock Your Passion for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

We Love Guitars. It’s Our Passion!

We wondered, “How can we capture the feeling and affection that is heartfelt into something tangible and uniquely personal?” This search has led us to create AXE HEAVEN. Through this journey, we’ve discovered there are multitudes of people who feel just as passionate about guitars and collectible replicas as we do.

We’ve also discovered that there are even more people who love music and identify with the guitar heroes they listen to. And while many of those fans don’t even play an instrument, they would love to have something tangible in their possession to represent their love affair with music and their favorite artists.

We are truly happy to have worked on this unique project with Melissa Etheridge and encourage you to write your story about how she has inspired you. Email with the subject line “My Story.” Her website will be featuring stories throughout the month of October on our  Breast Cancer Awareness Page. Vist www.AxeHeaven.com or www.MelissaEtheridge.com for more information on this very unique Melissa Etheridge mini pink acoustic guitar or how you can support a great cause!

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