Do you have employees that totally rock? Are your team members total ROCKSTARS? We make a product that really lets people know how important they are to your company or even a rockin family member! AXE HEAVEN creates handmade mini 1:4 scale Rockstar Guitar Awards. Each model guitar is completely custom from the silkscreen graphics to the guitar shape. We can create anything you can dream of.

The projects highlighted below include a classic silver flying v mini guitar and amazingly creative electric style guitars. We never limit our clients with the amount of colors or creativity. Each piece is hand silkscreened and airbrushed. Contact us today and give an award word keeping! Contact at or email us at – CALIFORNIA USA – ROCK YOUR PASSION!

To watch a brief video about these Custom Mini Guitar awards click here.

AH_Rockstar Guitar Award_1 AH_Rockstar Guitar Award_2 AH_Rockstar Guitar Award_3 AH_Rockstar Guitar Award_4