Looking to rock your school with custom gifts or guitar awards? Our custom shop can create any design or guitar style! Pictured below are some custom collegiate mini guitars completed for one of our clients. These are not for sale, but the project was completed with precise PMS matching on these very small 1:4 scale mini guitars.

Our custom shop can create anything you can dream up. Jump on and rock with us for your next promotion or event. Contact us at info@axeheaven.com for more information. ROCK YOUR PASSION. www.AXEHEAVEN.com

1_UK_8073_Mini Guitar 1_UK_2_8097_Mini Guitar 1_UCF_8097_Mini Guitar 1_UA_Mini Guitar 1_T_8073_Mini Guitar 1_R_8073_Mini Guitar 1_Paw_8073_Mini Guitar 1_Ohio State_8073_Mini Guitar 1_LSU_8073_Mini Guitar 1_L_8073_Mini Guitar 1_H_8097_Mini Guitar 1_Georgia_8073_Mini Guitar 1_Gator_8073_Mini Guitar 1_Duke_8073_Mini Guitar 1_Bama_8097_Mini Guitar