Officially Licensed David Lozeau Mini Fender™ Strat™ Guitar Collection

We are proud to introduce the amazing art of our Southern California friend David Lozeau. We have created an incredible collection of four miniature guitars to commemorate the SPECIAL EDITION DAVID LOZEAU ART STRATOCASTER® COLLECTION. Each piece is handcrafted from solid wood with the quality that has made AXE HEAVEN’s mini guitars world famous.

Check out the collection at: David Lozeau Mini Guitar Collection



DL-set – Artist and illustrator David Lozeau has adorned a series of special Fender instruments with his acclaimed and colorfully twisted vision. He wraps Day of the Dead iconography in a modern lowbrow aesthetic, mixing art with humor to reveal his distinctive and funny perspective on life, death and all the interesting stuff in between. The result, the Special Edition Standard Stratocaster David Lozeau, wraps the Standard Stratocaster in Lozeau’s imaginative imagery. It has all the Standard features players love, in four dazzling finishes—red “Sacred Heart,” orange “Tree of Life,” yellow “Rose Tattoo” model and blue “Dragon” model. Let the art of Fender and the art of David Lozeau inspire your art.