Country Music, Nashville, Acoustic Guitars, and Laser-Engraving are Hot Trends in Promo Marketing

The trade show and events industry in Nashville must be rocking these days, because we constantly receive inquiries about our Promo Mini Guitars and Rockstar Awards for events in that county-flavored Tennessee town.

We have handcrafted more country acoustic mini guitars this past year than ever and we have laser-engraved many of those promotional giveaway gifts, along with many laser-engraved mini electric guitars too.

Custom Country Acoustic Guitar Promo Merch

We created Custom Limited-Edition 6″ Holiday Ornaments for Aaron Watson, which display the incredible detail our team of artists can produce, and we produced a beautiful Promo Acoustic Mini Guitar for Natasha Owens.

In addition, we’ve recently created 10″ custom acoustic mini guitars as Artist Meet & Greet VIP Merchandise for Melissa Etheridge’s 2018 tour and 6″ acoustic guitar holiday ornaments for the Summerfest 50th Anniversary in Milwaukee.

Handcrafted Works of Art

Another custom acoustic mini guitar we just handcrafted is a magnificent original work of art by Lisa Miller, as souvenir merchandise for the City of Cleveland, MS Railroad Heritage Museum. If there are any still available, you should definitely acquire one of these rare handcrafted collectibles.

Acoustic Mini Guitar with Original Art by Lisa Miller as Souvenir Merchandise for the City of Cleveland, Mississippi Railroad Heritage Museum.
Acoustic Mini Guitar Souvenir Merchandise for the City of Cleveland, Mississippi Railroad Heritage Museum. CLICK to ENLARGE in new window

Gallery of Nashville & Acoustic Promo Mini Guitars & Ornaments (& Banjos!)

Acoustic Guitar Gifts and Giveaways in Nashville & Other Tennessee Towns

A couple of other acoustic promotional mini guitars we created, for corporate events in Nashville and Franklin, TN, show the level of accuracy and detail our unique full color graphic process is capable of transferring to our custom promo products. If a designer can create it, we can accurately replicate it on our custom promo 10″ mini guitars, 6″ holiday ornaments, and 24″ guitar awards.

24″ Acoustic Guitar Award for Nashville Corporate Events

If you have an event in Nashville and you need a big-time award for big ticket business partners, our Custom 24″ Acoustic Guitar Award might be a great solution for personalized gifts that make a huge statement about your appreciation of the relationship.

24" Acoustic Guitar Award for Nashville Corporate Events

Nashville & Laser Engraving Are Like Johnny & June

Of course, we can’t mention Nashville and acoustic guitars without mentioning laser engraving. The two go together like June Carter and Johnny Cash. Here is recent example of a Custom Laser-Engraved Acoustic Mini Guitar we created for an event in "Music City" held by Penske. The mini guitar was package in a gift box with a custom label created to commemorate the special gathering of highly-valued business stakeholders.

Laser-Engraved Acoustic Mini Guitar for Penske Event in Nashville "Music City" Tennessee  & Gift Box with Custom Label
Laser-Engraved Acoustic Mini Guitar for Penske Event in Nashville, Tennessee & Gift Box with Custom Label

Laser-Engraved Mini Guitar Gallery

Laser Engraving on Real Acoustic Guitar for the Ultimate Winner

If your winners deserve to receive the most-appropriate possible corporate award at a Music City event, how about a real Laser-Engraved Acoustic Peavey Guitar. Even non-musicians will cherish this unique, branded, real musical instrument—and they’ll never forget the special moment when they received it.

Need Full-Color Graphics on a Full-Size Guitar? No Problem!

Of course, we also created custom wrapped full-color, full-size, real promo acoustic (and electric) guitars!

Full Size Promo Acoustic Guitar
Full Size Promo Acoustic Guitar

Toby & Trigger Country Acoustic Mini Guitars

In addition to all of the custom country-themed and Nashville-related promo products we’ve recently handcrafted, our new Toby Keith USA Flag Acoustic Mini is selling like biscuits & gravy on a misty mountain morning. And our "Trigger" Acoustic Guitar Replica has been one of our long-time best-selling acoustic mini guitars in our online retail store. FYI, the Trigger model shown below just happens to be signed by Willie Nelson!

Shadowbox Award with Acoustic Mini Guitar

When you want to recognize the achievements of someone truly special, such as country musician Lyle Lovett, and you need an award that is step above the average plaque or trophy, consider a custom 22″ x 19″ Shadowbox with Acoustic Mini Guitar. Handcrafted from solid wood, this weighty gift distinctly tells the recipient you understand the importance of their effort and contribution to your cause.

7″ x 5″ Rockstar Glass Frame Award with Acoustic Mini Guitar

Our Rockstar Award is great way to pay tribute to significant achievement. The frame is made from real glass, so it has weight, the artwork can be personalized, and an acoustic mini guitar adds country flavor the trophy. This unique award is great for an individual winner or a group of top performers.

If you need outstanding promo products or merch with a country flavor, perhaps for an event in Nashville, contact us at