If your corporate goal is to eventually be the leader in your industry, then you need to make sure your stakeholders understand that nothing less than the best is acceptable. That’s why T-Mobile went the extra mile when it recognized its top sellers in its Northwest All-In Un-Carrier 2016 sales incentive program.

To recognize its top-seller with a truly unique and special award, T-Mobile created a one-of-a-kind Real Promo Guitar Rockstar Award from a full-size playable Fender™ Squier.

In addition, the company recognized each of its other top-sellers with a personalized 7″ X 5″ Glass Frame Guitar Award with an officially licensed custom promo Fender™ by AXE HEAVEN® mini Stratocaster™.

That’s how you rock the boat and shakeup the pecking order in your business sphere!

For more information about creating awesome Rockstar Awards for your important stakeholders, send an email to info@axeheaven.com.