When DSi needed rockstar awards that clearly let the winners know their efforts are truly appreciated, they customized our 24″ handcrafted miniature guitar replicas and platinum record awards.

Being inducted into DSi’s About People Hall of Fame and celebrating a 10-year anniversary at the company are big deals. That’s why DSi chose these distinguished and unique custom awards to honor their long-standing team members.

The 24″ Custom Ornamental Guitar Awards created for the newly enshrined members of the DSi About People Hall of Fame have a distinguished design on the Officially Licensed Fender™ Stratocaster™ miniature replica—and they’re handcrafted with incredible detail.

The 7″ Platinum Record Awards received by staff members who have served a decade with the company are the same awards musicians and record industry members receive when honored by the RIAA for their success.

When co-workers, friends, and family members see either of these awards, they’ll immediately know something significant and noteworthy has been accomplished by the winner. They’ll also know that DSi delivers the goods when it comes to taking care of its stakeholders.

Recognize Your Stakeholders with Custom Rockstar Awards

If you need to recognize and celebrate the success or your corporate rockstars with an award that will always be cherished and proudly displayed, then an AXE HEAVEN® Custom Rockstar Award will perfectly serve your needs.

Our design staff can work with your existing art or create a custom design based on your branding message. Either way, your targeted audience will receive a promotional souvenir that lasts a lifetime. To view our entire line-up of custom awards, visit ROCKSTAR AWARDS & TROPHIES.


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