On the Road and In-Person: AXE HEAVEN® at Upcoming Festivals

August 5, 2011 — In the last few years, AXE HEAVEN® miniature guitars have been present at many events, from music and arts festivals to industry trade shows, primarily on the West Coast where our operations are located.

As we continue to grow in popularity, we are also expanding our visibility at these types of events. The most noticeable aspect of this will be … Read Complete Article

AXE HEAVEN® Sponsors Music City BMX Event

Axe Heaven Sponsors Music City BMX Event.April 2008 – AXE HEAVEN® miniature guitars were chosen by the Music City BMX to be the rider trophies in a May 2008 national touring series race, and AXE HEAVEN® is sponsoring the home team.

Read the full story at AXE HEAVEN® Sponsors Music City BMX Event.


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