T-Mobile 7″ x 5″ Glass Rockstar Award with Miniature Guitar by AXE HEAVEN®

When T-Mobile needed a special way to recognize the top sellers in its Northwest All-In Un-Carrier 2016 sales incentive program, it created a personalized 7″ x 5″ Glass Frame Guitar Award for each team member who reached a high level of success.

T-Mobile doesn’t mess around with chintzy plastic trophies when it comes to recognizing its employees—and neither should you.

T-Mobile Rockstar Award Virtual Mock-up
T-Mobile Rockstar Award Virtual Mock-up

To make sure their individual top seller understood how much his efforts were appreciated, they also created a one-of-a-kind Real Promo Guitar Rockstar Award from a full-size playable Fender™ Squier.

Our line-up of handcrafted Guitar Trophies & Rockstar Awards is the best and most extensive in the business.

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