What do you do if last year you gave your employees the absolute best ever incentive trophy? You come back for more this year!

That’s exactly what Verizon Wireless did. When the company received a tremendous response from their staff about the Rock Star awards presented in 2013, its management team knew the incentive to win this unique and prized award is truly a motivational tool that benefits both the giver and the receiver. Now that’s a win-win situation!

The beauty of our customizable Mini Guitar Glass Plaque Trophy Award (with Stand) is that it:

  • Can be easily personalized, so you can deliver a specific message to each recipient.
  • Can be quickly assembled and shipped in 5 business days for short-notice needs (depending on number of units).
  • Accommodates any miniature guitar from our inventory of over 250 in-stock products – including double-necks.
  • Feels prestigious to hold in your hands, because it is made of natural materials (wood and glass) and its weight exemplifies and amplifies its significance.

Verizon 2014 Rock Star Custom Trophy / Award – Glass Plaque w/Stand
Each trophy award can be cost-efficiently digitally customized and personalized.

Each custom award created for Verizon displays an Officially Licensed Black Fender™ Strat™ Classic Miniature Guitar Replica by AXE HEAVEN® mounted to a high quality glass award frame. The messages on the full-color 5″ x 7″ inserts were individually customized for the winner and the category of achievement.

When you give an individually handcrafted custom award created by AXE HEAVEN®, your recipients win twice, because they can be proud of their personal achievement, plus they own the coolest trophy ever, to show off to their friends and to enhance their desk, shelf, or mantle. These trophies ROCK!

Double-Neck Mini Guitar Award by AXE HEAVEN®
We’ll provide design proofs for your approval before production.

Double-Neck Mini Guitar Award by AXE HEAVEN®
Trophy awards from AXE HEAVEN® claim a special place on winners’ desks and shelves—and they are appreciated twice as much when they include a double-neck!

Verizon 2013 Custom Rock Star Trophy / Award
2013 Rock Star Award

Find out how we can customize our trophy awards the next time you want to present a unique and long-cherished custom trophy or recognition award to your employees.

For more information or a quote tailored to your specific awards needs, contact one of our friendly sales representatives at info@AxeHeaven.com.


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