Oh Baby! A Rockstar Is Born

First, AXE HEAVEN® mini guitars are definitely not toys. They are handcrafted collectibles for display. They are not intended to be handled by babies or children, because they can break if not handled with appropriate care and they have very small parts that can be swallowed. Second, are these not the cutest pictures you’ve ever… Read More

August Burns Red Features AXE HEAVEN® Mini Guitars & Drums in Video for Invisible Enemy

When the band August Burns Red needed a best-in-class video to accompany the release of their song Invisible Enemy, the group naturally turned to Raptor House Effects in Los Angeles. When Raptor House needed best-in-class miniature guitar, bass, and drum-set replicas to use as props in the video production, the special effects studio naturally turned… Read More

DIMEBAG DARRELL Mini Guitars Blessed by Dime’s Family & Dean!

Handcrafted & Airbrushed Licensed Dimebag Collectibles The one and only… DIMEBAG DARRELL… Get your mini wings! Blessed by Dime’s Family & Dean! SHOP FOR DEAN DIMEBAG MINI GUITARS NOW We are honored to introduce the Licensed Dean Dimebag FROM HELL Lightning Bolt Mini Guitar Model. We are doubly-honored to also present the Licensed Dean Dimebag… Read More

Pussy Riot Supporter Rocks AXE HEAVEN Mini Guitar!

A Pussy Riot supporter holds finger puppets of the punk band outside the courthouse where they were sentenced to two years in jail. The sign on her wrist reads: ‘They are your children, Russia.’ Photograph: Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP. The supporter is rockin a AXE HEAVEN mini guitar! ROCK YOUR PASSION! Free the Pussy Riot Girls! Check… Read More

Melissa Etheridge Speak True… Signature 12 String Promo Mini Guitar

AXE HEAVEN® worked exclusively with Melissa Etheridge to handcraft a promotional mini guitar for her merch store at http://www.melissaetheridge.com. The model was built to a 1:4 scale replica of the Adamas Melissa Etheridge Signature Ovation guitar that she plays at every concert. Each highly detailed miniature guitar from AXE HEAVEN® is made out of solid mahogany… Read More