Comcast Rockstar Partner Promotional 10" Mini Guitar by AXE HEAVEN®

When a Fortune 500 company wants to honor its successful business partners in a meaningful manner, it looks for a unique promotional gift that won’t be tossed in a closet to collect dust. That’s when they contact AXE HEAVEN®.

We’ve had the honor of creating custom promo products for many of the biggest and most successful companies in the world. We recently added Comcast to our roster of powerhouse brands that came to us to create a truly unique and cherished gift that’s worthy of representing their stature and the importance of their business partners.

The handcrafted custom promo 10″ mini guitars we created for the Comcast Business Solutions Provider Program turned out great. Each recipient of one of these beauties will truly feel like a Rockstar Partner.

If your company—large or small—needs an appropriate promo item to honor your rockstars, contact us at


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