Make your wedding rock with custom wedding invitations that feature miniature replica guitars and mini accessories by AXE HEAVEN®.

Hudson Moore Engagement Celebration Dinner Invitation

Custom Party Invitations by AXE HEAVEN®
Custom Party Invitations by AXE HEAVEN®

Hudson Moore, an up & coming guitarist and songwriter from Fort Worth, TX, combined a custom mini version of his teal Fender™ Telecaster™, our mini tweed guitar case, and his own artwork to create a totally unique and personal invitation to a dinner celebrating his engagement to his fiancé Sarah.

Here at AXE HEAVEN®, we want to help you create an invitation and event that will make a lasting impression with your guests. Our mini guitars also are great to use as part of your event décor, such as a wedding reception table centerpiece.

Whether your a professional or amateur musician—or you just love to rock—you can take your special event to the next level by adding mini guitars to your theme. Your guests will always treasure this hand-crafted souvenir from a very special and fun day of your life.

Hudson Moore’s Mini Guitar Model and Tweed Guitar Case Made by AXE HEAVEN*

*We did not make the complete wedding invite.
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Watch and Listen to Hudson Moore Play His Teal Fender™ Tele™

No Limit to Custom Guitar Invitation Design Concepts

Each of our special event miniature guitar invitation projects is 100% custom designed and handcrafted. There is virtually no limit to the design concepts or ideas we can make a reality.

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