T-Mobile’s Rich Garwood is a business rockstar. When it came time to let him know in no uncertain terms how much the company appreciates his leadership, they awarded him with a custom promotional guitar— an actual Fender™ Squier he can plug-in to an amp and play real loud.

The real promo guitar presented to Rich Garwood features T-Mobile’s distinctive hot pink and black color scheme, along with his name and the silk-screened message, “Leadership Excellence Northwest Area” on the top of the musical instrument’s body. In addition, the bottom of the body contains the logo for the Northwest All-In Un-Carrier 2016 sales incentive program, along with the corporation’s branding.

T-Mobile also recognized each of its top-sellers with a personalized 7″ X 5″ Glass Frame Guitar Award with an officially licensed custom promo Fender™ by AXE HEAVEN® mini Stratocaster™.

T-Mobile Glass Rockstar Awards with Promo Miniature Guitar

Not only do we create real promo guitar rockstar awards, we handcraft the world’s finest promotional miniature guitars and a variety of other custom promo products and rockstar awards.

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