Dan Armstrong was a renowned guitar repair expert at the center of the New York City guitar scene during the 1960s. His work on guitar pick-ups and acrylic guitars is legendary, as are the tales of the comings and goings at his famous repair shops on “Guitar Row” (W. 48th St.) and then in Grennwich Village. To learn more about this historic figure in the world of electric guitars and pick-ups, visit DanArmstrong.org.
AXE HEAVEN®, home of the world’s finest miniature replica guitar collectibles, has been so inspired by Dan Armstrong’s innovative craftsmanship that we now offer custom clear acrylic guitars and bass guitars. For more information about how to order your own miniature acrylic replica instrument, for your personal collection or as a unique business promotional item that rocks, visit our Custom Shop.

Dan Armstrong Acrylic Guitar Miniature Replica CollectibleDan Armstrong was an innovator of acrylic guitars. This is a finely-detailed hand-crafted custom miniature replica collectible of one of his historic electric guitars.
Dan Armstrong Acrylic Guitar Miniature Replica CollectibleOn the left is a custom acrylic miniature bass replica that was influenced by the work of Dan Armstrong during the 1960s. On the right is a miniature replica collectible of one of Dan Armstrong’s innovative clear acrylic guitar designs.


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