Motorcycle industry icon Erik Buell has surely seen and done many things in his illustrious career. After parting ways with Harley Davidson last October, Erik branded his new line of racing equipment, formed his own race team, and continues as a leader in the sport bike world.

With all of this on his hands, Erik still finds the time each day to follow his other passion… creating & playing music! In 2010, Erik released “Anthem”, a 10 song classic rock style collection produced & engineered by long time friend & noted musician Mike Stone (Speed X / Ex Queensryche guitarist).

Anthem can be described as a unique blend of Rock, Blues, and Classic Rock. Showing influences from Hendrix, ZZ Top, AC/DC and more, Erik, (along with his band “The Thunderbolts”), deliver a musical storyboard to the events that have shaped his life. Erik describes this release as something inspired by both his love of speed and his struggle to excel.

To commemorate the release of “Anthem,” Erik asked AXE HEAVEN to create a custom limited-edition miniature replica of his James Tyler-designed guitar. The result was this beautiful, exquisitely detailed, hand-crafted collectible, available for purchase exclusively from Rat Pack Records. (opens in new window)

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