Johnny WinterAXE HEAVEN® exists because we are passionate about guitars and the great musicians who play them really well. We are appropriately delighted and honored to have an opportunity to create a custom miniature version of an awesome guitar for a musical legend like Johnny Winter, who is now also an AXE HEAVEN® Exclusives artist. It makes what we do worth the effort!

From Hippies to Hard Rock at Woodstock

The long and storied career of Johnny Winter is much like the up and down ride of a fast roller coaster, with incredible highs followed swiftly by deep lows and lots of curves – with “fast” being the most notable aspect of the tale. The display of speed with which Johnny Winter laid down his licks has been matched by few and exceeded by none.

Johnny Winter at WoodstockRock and blues music merged and changed forever with the arrival of Winter and his band, featuring his brother Edgar, when they stepped on the Woodstock stage. Neither form of music has been the same in the decades since that mind-altering set brought Johnny’s new brand of electrifying blues rock to the forefront of pop culture.

The genre of Hard Rock was theoretically born during that midnight set and the baby who emerged that evening has since significantly and forever changed the sound of popular music – and the length of musicians’ hair.

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