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Bass legend Billy Sheehan worked exclusively with AXE HEAVEN® to develop a collection of handmade miniature replica models of his famous basses. The first in the collection is the bass that started it all – “The Wife” Fender Precision Bass. It was featured in a Guitar World magazine years ago as a centerfold.

Billy’s played literally THOUSANDS of shows on this bass, from the very first gig ever in 1971, to it’s retirement in the late 80’s. All the modifications were pretty much “Hotel Room” mods – in that they were a hack job done with improper tools! This mini bass is a must have for the fans that have seen Billy’s rise!

The work horse for Billy when he tours with The Winery Dogs is the Yamaha Billy Sheehan Signature Attitude 3 Electric Bass Guitar Sonic Blue and we’ve captured all the details!

Each model is handcrafted with incredible attention to detail and officially approved by Billy Sheehan. Both of these original basses were featured in an article in Vintage Guitar Magazine Limited quantities available of the miniature replica collectibles, so don’t delay!

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Check out this great video of Billy describing his axe:

Buy Billy Sheehan Replicas