When you think of the quintessential American rock guitarist, Bruce Kulick probably doesn’t come to mind. Perhaps he should. After all, how many musicians can say they were long-standing members of KISS and Grand Funk Railroad?

Only Bruce Kulick. And we’re damn proud he is an AXE HEAVEN® Exclusive Artist!

bruce-kulick-600x673Photography by Alan Clark

About Bruce Kulick

According to Bruce Kulick’s Wikipedia page, since the mid 1970s audiences worldwide have heard and seen him play some of the best-known songs in the rock music catalog. He played on tour with Meatloaf in the mid-70s, right after the release of Bat Out of Hell, to help launch arena rock to a new level of guitar-driven performance art.

In 1979-80, he was in a short-lived band with Michael Bolton. Yes, that Michael Bolton! In the early 80s, he played with The Good Rats, a well-known regional band and FM radio staple in the NYC area. And Stay, a song he co-wrote with Bolton, was sampled in 2002 on the #1 hit A Dream by Jay-Z!

Of course, Kulick is best-known for his dozen-year stint as the lead guitarist in KISS from 1984 to 1996. He’s been with the renowned Grand Funk Railroad since the beginning of the new millennium.

Long Live Rock! Long Live Kulick!

In a nutshell, Bruce Kulick has been at the forefront of rock music for almost a half-century and you probably never knew his name. Well, now you do and now you know about a musical and cultural treasure whose professional career represents the life every budding guitarist in a garage band would love to lead. He has lived the Baby Boomer generation’s American dream.

When you shout, “Long live rock!” at a concert, Bruce Kulick is one of the important players who’ve made that happen. Thanks, Bruce. We’re delighted you’ve joined our roster of Exclusive Artists. Your presence here is hard-earned and well-deserved.

Kulick & KISS Kick Butt in Budokan

In case you’re wondering whether or not Bruce actually has the chops to be considered an all-time great rock guitarist, listen to the second half of video below of KISS playing Cold Gin in front of 11,000 fans in Japan in 1988. The first half of the video shows the band in standard performance mode during this no-makeup era.

The second half of the video features an extended solo by Bruce that really takes off at the 6:25 mark. The next few minutes of shredding show why he is considered by many to be the best lead guitarist KISS ever had—and one of the best rock guitarists of his generation.

Rock Guitar Master Class by Bruce Kulick

If you want to learn how to play guitar like Bruce Kulick, just grab your axe, crank up your amp, and watch this 60-minute master class video to discover the top techniques that really rock:

For more info about Bruce, visit his official website and his Facebook page.