As a founding member of the Runaways in 1975—when she was only 16—followed by a successful solo career, Lita Ford is firmly entrenched in the Pantheon of Rock Guitar Goddesses. We’re delighted to also enshrine her as an AXE HEAVEN® Exclusive Artist.

Lita Ford holds her custom B.C. Rich® and her Officially Licensed Mini Guitar Replica Collectible by AXE HEAVEN®

Lita’s Lead Guitar Leads the Way

The Runaways emerged from the L.A. glam metal scene as the first commercially viable all-girl band. Their pop-oriented hard rock sound and sexy take-no-prisoners attitude—as exemplified by their classic debut “Cherry Bomb” with Lita’s emerging prowess powering their scintillating sound—paved the path for the many successful all-female rock bands around the world since then.

As a solo artist, Lita Ford still rocks. She’s evolved to become one of the few women in the world worthy of fronting her own band as both a singer and a lead guitarist who can match the best in the business. Check out her captivating talents and energy in the concert video below.

Lita Lights Up L.A.

As a reigning royal member of the L.A. music scene, Lita Ford stands tall among the best in the business. The video below of the hit single that started it all for Lita, in which she shares the stage at the historic Whisky a Go Go with fellow AXE HEAVEN Exclusive Artists member Slash, verifies her status among legendary guitarists.

Lita Ford Keeps On Rockin’

This next video highlights the many prominent moments of Lita’s lengthy career, including a snippet of the hit single “Close My Eyes Forever” that paired her with hard rock legend Ozzy Osborne.

Long Live Lita!

Few artists exemplify what it means to pave your own expressive path through life—despite society’s many preconceived notions and the business barriers encountered along the way—like Lita Ford. We salute her determination, individualism, and masterful musical chops. For more info about Lita, visit her official website.