As we expand our footprint around the globe, we are delighted to add Piyu Sanju to our roster of AXE HEAVEN Exclusive Artists. Piyu Sanju has been playing his custom Gibson Les Paul on stages in Indonesia and throughout Southeast Asia since the late 1990s. He initially gained recognition for his lead guitar work in the popular band Padi, which has sold millions of records and is considered one of the region’s best bands ever. He’s known simply as Piyu.

Piyu Plays His Signature Gibson Guitar

Piyu discusses — and shreds! — his PIYU Les Paul Custom in this 1-minute video.

Piyu Sarju Jams with Padi Reborn

In the 12-minute video below, check out Piyu’s extended jam, starting at the 1:40 mark, during a rehearsal of the reunited Padi. The band rehearses a few songs, so you can hear several different styles of Piyu’s masterful guitar playing.

PUYI Les Paul Custom Mini Guitar in Padi Reborn 25 Years VIP Package
The PUYI Les Paul Custom Mini Guitar by AXE HEAVEN® was featured in the Padi Reborn 25 Years concert VIP package.

More Piyu Sarju

Finally, here is a quick 46-second clip of Piyu laying down some tasty licks on a Les Paul.

Connect with Piyu Sarju

For more info about Piyu, and to hear more of his music, check out the links on his official page.