Guitars, guitars, guitars… they’re everywhere!

The electric guitar has been around for something like 50 years and hasn’t changed much at all. Tired of seeing the same old guitars, artist, luthier, and musician Stephen McSwain decided to create a new breed he likes to call "functional art." Each instrument is hand made, one at a time, and has unique characteristics that make it a highly collectible guitar or piece of art, depending on how you look at it.

Each "Mini-McSwain" stands approx. 8" tall.  They are great for collecting, at least until you can get the "real deal." Click on images below to purchase McSwain Miniature Replica Collectible Guitars.

McSwain Guitars: Coming to Your TV

McSwain Guitars is extremely proud to announce that the latest edition of the hugely-popular video game, Guitar Hero 5, released Sept. 2009, features several original McSwain-designed instruments.  To celebrate the honor, McSwain has joined exclusively with Axe Heaven to offer a limited edition of the "Mini McSwains" spotlighted in Guitar Hero 5. These miniature replicas are modeled after the original full sized McSwain guitars.

About McSwain Guitars

The first guitar started as a completely experimental piece. Stephen started carving faces into the wood & eventually ended up with the guitar that is now in the possession of Steve Vai. That was number 0001.

It all takes place in Stephen McSwain’s "laboratory" (basically a converted garage) in the heart of Los Angeles. Take a tour inside the "lab" for details of the process of creating one of these working pieces of art, and find out what musicians like Slash, Steve Vai, Tommy Lee, George Lynch, Jeff Cook of Alabama, Jared Leto of 30 Seconds and many others have experienced.

Tour the McSwain Guitar "Lab"

AXE HEAVEN®’s miniature McSwain guitars are remarkably realistic recreations of the artist’s vision in the attention to precise proportion and detail. Each 1:4 – scale replica miniature guitar collectible is made of solid mahogany wood, hand crafted and airbrushed with outstanding detail!

Check out the incredible details of Stephen McSwain’s actual guitars to see how these playable works of art were originally created.

The collectible AXE HEAVEN® miniature replicas are available exclusively in the AXE HEAVEN® STORE and at Stephen’s website: (opens in new window)