Sometimes you know someone very well, even though you don’t even know who they are. For millions of people around the world, especially those who grew up in the early days of MTV, Steve Stevens is one of those unknown musicians who’ve brought them tons of pleasure—without even knowing who was creating so much joy. Billy Idol would be the first to admit that a great deal of his success is due to the distinctive guitar sound of Steve Stevens, one of Rock’s Unsung Heroes who define the category.

AXE HEAVEN® is extremely honored to have Steve Stevens join our Exclusive Artists family and to have handcrafted two Mini Guitar Replica Collectibles for him.

Classic Licks You Know and Love

So many of Steve Stevens’ classic guitar licks are already ingrained in your brain through his iconic and often-imitated contributions to Billy Idol’s music. Now check out his performance as the leader of his own band in this hard-driving video from his first solo album, Atomic Playboys, released in 1989.

For more info about Steve Stevens, visit his official website and his Facebook page.