When the 1990s dissolved into the 2000s, the popularity of blink-182 was soaring well beyond their garage band origins. Tom Delonge and his bandmates delivered a raw high-energy three-piece performance that epitomized current SoCal culture. The rest of the world also caught on to their catchy tunes and bought over 50 million copies of their records.

AXE HEAVEN® is pleased as punch to have Tom Delonge join our Exclusive Artists family and to have created three Tom Delonge Mini Guitar Replica Collectibles, including his Gibson Signature 2009 Custom Shop ES-333, Box Car Racer Gibson ES-335, and Surf Green Fender Stratocaster. These collectibles were only available directly from Tom at personal appearances.

To fully appreciate what Tom Delonge and blink-182 brought to the L.A. music scene, there’s no better example than their smash hit MTV video for “What’s My Age Again?” which literally exposed them to a whole new audience. In case you’re too distracted to notice while watching the pixelated broadcast-ready version below, Tom’s playing his Surf Green Strat.

For more info about Tom Delonge, visit his Facebook page and the blink-182 official website.