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About Zacky Vengeance

Zacky Vengeance formed Avenged Sevenfold with M. Shadows and The Rev.

Before Avenged Sevenfold, his first band was a crust punk band called Society Down. He said before that a demo exists, but it was lost years ago.

After Society Down, he formed a punk band called MPA*, which stands for Mad Porno Action. He implied that they were both unsuccessful.

Vengeance is responsible for the creation of the initialism “A7X”.

Despite playing the guitar left handed, Vengeance recalls the first guitar he learned to play on was actually a right-handed his parents had bought him for his thirteenth birthday.

He learned by playing upside-down, watching his favorite bands and other people he knew who played, and practiced as much as he could. He would also read each edition of Guitar World cover to cover, learning the tabs of the songs published there and watching the professionals perform them until he could play them.

For more information about this Axe Heaven Exclusive Artist, visit the Avenged Sevenfold official web site. (opens in new window)

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