AXE HEAVEN® Exclusive Artist: Jimi Hendrix™

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AXE HEAVEN® is honored and humbled to be allowed to call the one and only true master of the electric guitar to our stable of officially licensed artists. When it comes to AXE HEAVEN® Exclusives, no one is as exclusive as the late Jimi Hendrix. We are grateful to Authentic Hendrix, LLC for allowing us to bring the magic of Jimi Hendrix to his fans around world through our Officially Licensed Jimi Hendrix™ Miniature Guitar Collection.

Jimi Hendrix™James Marshall Hendrix (November 27th, 1942 – September 18, 1970) was only with us for less than 28 years, but in that time he turned the world of music upside down. Very few instrumentalists had as great an impact on the direction of modern music and subsequent generations of musicians as did Jimi. What John Coltrane did for Jazz, Jimi did for Rock. He took an existing form of music to a whole new level – a new experience – that was never imagined by previous practitioners of the trade. The Jimi Hendrix Experience was a whole new ballgame – a game that changed the world as we knew it. Not just the world of music. but the entire world in which we lived. Life has never been the same since Jimi exploded on the scene and took music – and attitude – to places they had never been before.

Authentic HendrixThe legend of Jimi Hendrix has no equal. During his brief stay with us, he revolutionized how we listen, how we live, and how we love. He is now one of the immortals who gaze down upon us and give us direction toward the possibilities of living life to the fullest. In the pantheon of influence, very few musicians can stride along side of Jimi – perhaps only Beethoven and the Beatles. We welcome Jimi Hendrix to AXE HEAVEN® in the spirit of all things being possible and hope his presence here helps you ROCK YOUR PASSION!.

The Officially Licensed Jimi Hendrix™ Miniature Guitar Collection is now available. To be the first to know when additional new models are released, subscribe to our newsletter below. To learn more about Jimi, visit The Official Jimi Hendrix Site.


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