Check out a one of a kind music collectable from Axe Heaven miniature guitars. Our guitars are made from solid wood with amazing attention to detail! All models are based off a 1/5 scale (about 9.5″ tall). We have been working with Eddie Ojeda from Twisted Sister on developing his signature black and pink bullseye guitar. The current guitar is made by Wayne Guitars and is a stunning piece to add to your collection. Our miniature version is quite a bit more reasonable at $24.99 and $34.99 personally signed by Eddie Ojeda himself. 

Eddie gave me a call this morning and mentioned that they are really getting attention and they are moving off the shelves. We are very proud to work with Eddie! Twisted Sister has rocked for over 30 years and probably won’t stop anytime soon. Thanks for everything Eddie and we will see you at NAMM. -Jason, “Rock your Passion”


Eddie Ojeda holding the Axe Heaven miniature model replica.