Axe Heaven has been working with Ron Thal aka Bumblefoot to develop his famous “Hand” miniature guitar. We are finally finished with a very rockin collectable for Bumblefoot and Guns N Roses fans everywhere. Ron will also be introducing his new Abnormal CD July 1st with a special Fan pack that includes your choice of his awesome signature miniature guitars at We wish you the best of luck with your new CD release Ron!

Working with Bumble has been a very cool experience for Axe Heaven. We plan to develop even more signature guitars with Bumblefoot. Our website has some very unique miniature guitars that are perfect gifts for the music lover on your list!
A special thanks to our very talented craftsmen and artists that have put countless hours into making Bumblefoot’s signature guitars. We love your wild guitars Ron! Keep Rockin! -Jason, “Rock Your Passion”
To purchase the Bumblefoot “Hand” miniature guitar click the link below:
Every Axe Heaven miniature guitar starts with a solid piece of wood and is meticulously handcrafted and sanded to perfection. This is a photo of our Axe Heaven handcrafted Bumblefoot “Hand” miniature guitar before painting and hardware.

Bumblefoot’s other signature model proudly made by Axe Heaven.
Actual product photo of the Bumblefoot “Hand” signature miniature guitar.
Photo of Ron Thal with his Full-size Signature “Hand” Guitar.