Paul Plays the Magical Mystery Tour Bass

Roll up and step right this way for the brand new Paul McCartney Magical Mystery Tour miniature bass guitar collectible replica – just one of four models released this week by AXE HEAVEN®. The detail and workmanship on this unique replica guitar are just as amazing as the original instrument Paul is seen playing in this rather unusual made-for-TV Beatle’s movie about a day trip.

Another new model released this week is the John Fogerty Baseball Bat Miniature Guitar, which has already been purchased by a representative of a MLB team, which we will discreetly not mention at this time. To hear the song that inspired the original baseball bat guitar, visit the official John Fogerty Centerfield website.

John Fogerty Baseball Bat Miniature Guitar Paul McCartney Magical Mystery Tour Bass Tom Morello Arm The Homeless and SOUL POWER Guitars

Finally, we have just released two new miniature guitar replicas from Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine – Arm the Homeless and SOUL POWER. Tom put his unique edge on music and we’ve tried to convey that in these detailed hand-crafted collectibles. For more info about Tom, visit the official Rage Against the Machine website or view some great photos of Morello playing the real versions of these guitars on Bing.

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