Custom Character Promotional Miniature Guitar for Pronto Gas
Custom "Character" Promotional Miniature Guitar for Pronto Gas in Santiago, Chile

We have recently produced some very cool custom miniature guitar “Character” replicas for both corporations and individuals. These bring us great joy, because we love creating unique and fun miniature guitars – and these “Characters” have an even more distinguished personality than our usual minis.

We also thinks its cool that our latest custom “Character” was requested by a company located in South America. “Hola” to our friends in the southern hemisphere! If you are located anywhere outside of the USA, our international shipping costs are very low.

Koopa Troopa Custom Character Miniature Guitar by AXE HEAVEN
Koopa Troopa Custom "Character" Miniature Guitar by AXE HEAVEN

We encourage you, wherever you live around the globe, to consider your very own custom AXE HEAVEN® miniature guitar. We can replicate any guitar you want or we can help you create a completely unique miniature guitar based on almost any design or “character,” which will result in a one-of-a-kind collectible.

We can produce your custom guitar in any quantity you desire, if you want to share your unique creation as a marketing promotion, an employee incentive, or at a family event, like a wedding or annual reunion.

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