AXE HEAVEN Exclusives
AXE HEAVEN® Exclusives
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The dog days of summer are upon us and the temperature is rising across the nation (105 degrees today in Oklahoma) and around the globe (northern hemisphere, of course). Naturally, when summer comes our way, so do the summer tours of many rock stars, including our AXE HEAVEN® Exclusives, musicians for whom we produce officially licensed miniature guitar collectibles.

Here is a list of where you can see some of the AXE HEAVEN® Exclusives perform live this summer:

  • George Lynch
    * 07/29/11 Lynch Mob in Houston, TX at The Flamingo Room
    * 07/30/11 Lynch Mob in Oklahoma City, OK at Samurai’s
    * 08/13/11 Lynch Mob in Boilingbrook, IL. at Tailgaters
    * 08/25/11 Lynch Mob in Gilroy, CA. at 9 Lives
  • Eddie Ojeda
    * 07/12/11 Athens, Greece
    * 07/13/11 Thessaloniki, Greece
    * 07/15/11 Vizovice, Czech Republic
    * 07/16/11 Madrid, Spain
    * Other dates through August include performances in Finland, Russia, Canada, and Colorado for the Rock Jam in Grand Junction.
  • Michael Wilton  –
    * 07/15/11 Newport, UK
    * 07/16/11 Manchester, UK
    * 07/17/11 Doncaster, UK
    * 07/19/11 Glasgow, Scotland, UK
    * Other concert dates include additional performances in the UK, as well as a show in Portugal, followed by a major coast-to-coast U.S. tour that kicks off at Irving Plaza in NYC on 7/29 and ends at the Regency Ballroom in S.F. on 10/2.
  • Neil Zaza
    * 07/29/11 Streetsboro, Ohio
    * Other concert dates include performances in Tokyo, Japan (9/29), Taipei, Taiwan (10/1), and Meinyang, China (10/3).
  • Bootsy Collins –
    * 07/10/11 Rotterdam, Netherlands
    * 07/11/11 London, UK
    * 07/15/11 Hultsfred, Sweden
    * 07/16/11 Montreux Jazz Festival

These Exclusives artists are not on the road this summer, but they will be on tour in the fall:

  • Eric Mantel – Eric will play live in October, when he’ll perform at several Guitar Centers in Illinois and Indiana to support the release of his new CD, but you gotta see his incredibly cool website right now!
  • Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal – Ron is performing with Guns N’ Roses in South America (Brazil, Chile, and Argentina) in early October.

These Exclusives artists do not currently have any live dates scheduled, but keep an eye out for any forthcoming announcements:

It might difficult staying cool this summer with all of the hot music being performed live by the AXE HEAVEN® roster of Exclusives, but that will be a price worth paying to hear any of these great guitarists in concert. If you attend any of these shows, don’t forget to Rock Your Passion!