Lindsey Buckingham in Concert at the Lebanon Opera House
Lindsey Buckingham in Concert at the Lebanon Opera House. Click image for official Lindsey Buckingham website (opens in new window)

Lindsey Buckingham, formerly of Fleetwood Mac, will release his first new solo album since the 2008 release of Gift of Screws. The new album, Seeds We Sow, will hit the stores on September 9, which coincides with the first date (Sparks, NV) of Buckingham’s North American tour that is currently scheduled through October 25 (Napa, CA).

The musical career of Lindsey Buckingham began in 1973 with the Polydor Records release of the album Buckingham Nicks, with Stevie Nicks, his girlfriend at the time. The high point of his career, from a commercial perspective, is the Fleetwood Mac album Rumours, which is one of the best-selling albums of all time.

Lindsey Buckingham Model Miniature Guitar Replica Collectible by AXE HEAVEN®
Click image above for Lindsey Buckingham Model Miniature Guitar Replica Collectible by AXE HEAVEN®

Though he is probably more well-known for his vocals and song writing (and his relationship with Ms. Nicks), one of the reasons we like Lindsey Buckingham is that he is a very good guitarist and he plays very cool guitars. When we find a great musician with great instruments, we feel compelled to pay tribute, so, naturally, we have created a Lindsey Buckingham miniature replica guitar collectible for your pleasure (and ours).

Check out the video below to hear a collection of in-concert guitar solos by Buckingham and to see some of his guitars in action. After you’ve enjoyed the video, be sure to visit to see our miniature version of his guitar, along with hundreds of other famous rock star guitar replicas.

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  1. THANKS SO MUCH for featuring one of my videos (Lindsey ~ guitar solos ~ pt. 1) from my main channel via this site!! It’s MUCH appreciated! I LOVE the miniature guitar of his that you created!! I will definitely be purchasing one as soon as I can afford to do so. I’ve been a huge fan of his since 1977 ( 9 years old) and this will make a GREAT addition to my personal collection on him!! ~Jackie (:

    P.S. I included a link to your web site on my FB Lindsey group’s wall yesterday. ~!/groups/lindseybuckinghamfortherockandrollhalloffame/

    1. Hi Jackie, glad you like the blog and appreciate our work! Ditto as well. Take care, Jason – AXE HEAVEN

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