Metallica Rocks the National Anthem and AXE HEAVEN Rocks Promo Mini Guitars at SF Giants Annual Promotional Event

On the SF Giants seventh annual Metallica Night, the boys in the band once again rocked the house when James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett performed a twin guitar version of the Star Spangled Banner. Check it out: SF Giants Create Custom Promo Mini Guitars For Special Event VIPs Fans who purchased a VIP Package for… Read More

Explosive Jimi Hendrix Show at Saville Theatre Commemorated by Officially Licensed Mini Guitar Replica Collectible by AXE HEAVEN®

Everyone is familiar with the historic image of Jimi Hendrix conjuring flames from his guitar at the Monterey International Pop Festival. And everyone has seen dramatic footage and photos of Pete Townshend smashing his guitar—and most people think Pete conceived this climactic antic. But the first rock concert where a guitar was purposely destroyed on… Read More

August Burns Red Features AXE HEAVEN® Mini Guitars & Drums in Video for Invisible Enemy

When the band August Burns Red needed a best-in-class video to accompany the release of their song Invisible Enemy, the group naturally turned to Raptor House Effects in Los Angeles. When Raptor House needed best-in-class miniature guitar, bass, and drum-set replicas to use as props in the video production, the special effects studio naturally turned… Read More

Tom Morello’s “Arm the Homeless” Guitar Licks Enhance Bruce Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball Performance of Jack of All Trades on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Have you heard Tom Morello’s awesome “Arm the Homeless” guitar on the new Bruce Springsteen album Wrecking Ball? Wow! Click the screen image above, from the broadcast of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, to watch a video clip of a moving performance of the haunting Jack of All Trades. If you liked that performance, consider… Read More

Nirvana’s Breakthrough Album “Nevermind” Celebrates 20th Anniversary; We Honor Kurt Cobain

It could be argued that September 24, 1991, was a day that changed the course of rock music dramatically. That was the day that Nirvana released its second album, Nevermind, and gave the word “Grunge” a whole new meaning. Led by the wildly popular “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Nevermind went from an initial US release… Read More