Clear Acrylic Custom Promo Dan Armstrong Guitar by AXE HEAVEN®. Click for Acrylic Miniature Guitars and Bass Guitars at our Custom Shop Custom Shop (opens in new window)
Clear Acrylic Custom Promo Dan Armstrong Guitar by AXE HEAVEN®. Click for Acrylic Miniature Guitars and Bass Guitars at our Custom Shop

Once again, we at AXE HEAVEN® must send out a big-time “THANK YOU!!!” to our loyal fans around the world. Your passion for our miniature musical instruments during the last four years has help us expand our product line and our ability to produce even more and better models in the future.

Your response to our unique hand-made collectibles has also allowed us to grow in several ways that will begin to reveal themselves in the coming weeks and months. Check back in just a few weeks, because our first major announcement of the year is about as big and bold as we could have imagined. We are confident you will really like the latest addition to our lineup of exclusively licensed miniature guitar replicas, so be sure to check back in January for the BIG news.

But to get the New Year’s Eve festivities off to an exciting start, here is some news that we can reveal:

AXE HEAVEN® Custom Shop Now Taking Orders for Miniature Bass Guitar Or Drum Kit Replica Collectibles!

AXE HEAVEN® Custom Shop for Miniature Guitar, Bass and Drum Kit Replica Collectibles (opens in new window)
AXE HEAVEN® Custom Drum Kit Replica Collectibles Make Great Promotional Gifts or Event Decor. Click Image for Our Custom Shop to Learn More.

We have previously only promoted our ability to create one-off custom miniature guitar replicas (along with larger quantities of custom promotional guitars for marketing, corporate gifts, and employee incentive programs), but due to popular demand, and the skilled hands of our very talented designers and craftsmen, we now are letting everyone know that we can create custom miniature instruments and amps for an entire rock band. You can start your own mini Fab Four.

And here is another announcement we are delighted to make:

AXE HEAVEN® Custom Shop Now Offers Clear Acrylic Miniature Guitar and Bass Guitar Replica Collectibles!

Clear Acrylic Custom Bass & Guitar. Click for AXE HEAVEN® Custom Shop (opens in new window)
Clear Acrylic Custom Bass and Dan Armstrong Guitar. Click Image Above for AXE HEAVEN® Custom Shop

The clear acrylic miniature bass guitar on the left in the photo above is a completely custom model for an individual customer. The miniature guitar on the right is a replica of a Dan Armstrong guitar. The late great Dan Armstrong was a legendary guitar repair expert and an innovator of acrylic guitars in the 1960s, which is why Ron Wood and many other guitarists and musicians have played his unique instruments.

Check out this fantastic 1971 BBC video of The Faces performing the classic Robert Johnson composition Love in Vain, with Ron Wood playing slide on his clear Dan Armstrong guitar while Rod Stewart sings like only he could back in the day:

.The two announcements above are just the tip of the iceberg of what will be new and exciting at AXE HEAVEN® in 2012, so crank up your speakers and ROCK YOUR PASSION in celebration of the new and exciting year ahead!

And remember, when celebrating New Year’s Eve, have lots of fun, but please don’t drink and drive! The life you save may be mine.