Lets start off by wishing Jerry Garcia a Happy Birthday! Your music has inspired so many and lives with us today. Guitar Aficionado highlighted how Jerry Garcia revolutionized the custom guitar industry in his pursuit of excellence (April Issue, 2014 – VOL. 6 / NO. 3). Read more about this article at www.guitaraficionado.com This article reminds all of us here at AXE HEAVEN why we put so much time and effort into handcrafting each 1:4 scale miniature guitar. Each piece really brings you back to that special moment where you remember how an artist influenced your life. Keeping our vision true to why we love our mini guitars. Check out the images below of our handcrafted masterpieces. Jerry Garcia_Guitar Aficionado_1 Jerry Garcia_Guitar Aficionado_2Jerry Garcia Mini Rosebud, Wolf, & Alligator Guitars. Jerry Garcia_Guitar Aficionado_4The Jerry Garcia Alligator Mini Guitar Jerry Garcia_Guitar Aficionado_3 Bob Weir will be playing the Jerry Garcia Wolf this on tour with the Further Band.