Our AXE HEAVEN® mini guitars and mini guitar cases are the perfect start to making amazing guitar themed invites. We have seen our clients make creative guitar wedding invitations like Hudson Moore’s teal mini Fender Telecaster and vintage mini tweed case.   A sales conference with Carlos Santana playing at The House of Blues in Las Vegas. Each invite included a Licensed Fender Miniature Guitar by AXE HEAVEN®. The list goes on… check out the photos below and email us at info@axeheaven.com for more info.

Hudson Moore’s Mini Guitar Model Made by AXE HEAVEN®

Wedding Guitar Invite_3

We Did Not Make the Complete Huson Moore Wedding Invite

Wedding Guitar Invite_2

Wedding Guitar Invite_1



Freightliner Sent Out Rock Star-Themed Guitar Invitation to a National Conference

Freightliner_Rock Star Invitation_1

Freightliner_Rock Star Invitation_2

Freightliner_Rock Star Invitation_3

Freightliner_Rock Star Invitation_4

Carlos Santana Mini Guitar Invite for His Performance at the House of Blues in Las Vegas

Carlos Santana Guitar Invitation_1

Carlos Santana Guitar Invitation_3