When you want to recognize a Rockstar who literally was partly responsible for the creation of the word “Rockstar” and who has received every award possible—including a knighthood—you need an award of distinction and weight. You need a custom Shadowbox by AXE HEAVEN®.

When Chris Biele of Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay wanted to thank Sir Ringo Starr for his many appearances over the years at their venue in San Diego, he asked us to create a custom Shadowbox with Mini Drum.

We had previously only created 22″ x 19″ Shadowbox Awards with our handcrafted Mini Guitars, but Chris had worked with us before on a Shadowbox gift for Lyle Lovett.

Lyle Lovett Holds His Shadowbox by Axe Heaven
Lyle Lovett holds his Shadowbox by Axe Heaven. Chris Biele of Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay is far left.

Custom Drum Shadowbox Award

Chris knew our awards are custom built for each order, so he requested we substitute one of our mini drums for a mini guitar. Of course, even without knowing the artist who would receive the award, we told him we could create a gift to match his needs and vision.

Naturally, we were honored to discover the eventual recipient of our Shadowbox with Mini Drum would be Sir Ringo. Here is the result of our custom collaboration with Chris:

Ringo Starr Holds His Shadowbox with Mini Drum by AXE HEAVEN®
Ringo Starr Holds His Shadowbox with Mini Drum by AXE HEAVEN®

Thanks, Chris, for deeming our custom handcrafted Rockstar Awards worthy of legendary Rockstars!

Custom Awards for Your Rockstars

If you need to present a Rockstar Award worthy of a Beatle, a knight, or anyone deserving special recognition, we can help you create the perfect presentation. We have a wide variety of custom handcrafted promotional products and awards.

Contact one of our friendly sales representatives at sales@axeheaven.com for more info or a quote tailored for your specific promotional needs.


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