Nashville Gift Box Label & Laser-Engraved Promo Acoustic Mini Guitar Help Penske Make a Great Impression

When Penske Logistics wanted attendees at their important event in Nashville to take home a lasting impression, literally, they gave away Custom Laser-Engraved Promo Acoustic Mini Guitars in a gift box with a custom label.

The physical impression created by the laser engraving process adds a visceral element to a promo mini guitar that can’t be matched by a printed graphic. The rustic look and feel laser engraving offers helps deliver your brand’s message directly through the recipient’s fingertips.

The custom gift box label boldly announces to stakeholders, “This is a special event and we truly appreciate your presence here!”

The fact our promo mini guitars become collector’s items proudly displayed in a prominent location almost assures a permanent top-of-mind presence in the daily lives of your targeted audience. From a marketing perspective, could you ask for more?

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