Laser Engraving for Promo Guitars and Axe Awards

Laser Engraved Guitars by AXE HEAVEN®

This decoration process leaves a permanent mark and provides incredible details for your custom design. Not only will recipients see your logo on your promotional products and rockstar awards, they’ll be able to feel it.

Available on Select 10″ Mini Guitar Replicas and Full-Size Real Guitars!

The rustic look and feel of laser-engraved branding matches really well with acoustic guitars. Laser engraving works best on guitars with a lighter finish. Keep in mind, that no two laser-engraved guitars will be exactly the same, because when you engrave into wood you will have a slight appearance variance from piece to piece. That’s part of the appeal of this branding process.

Engraving in U.S.A. Enables Rapid Delivery

Turn-around time for laser-engraved products is usually about 10-14 business days, compared to 6-8 weeks for our other customization processes, because our laser engraving is performed in the U.S.A.

Case Studies: Laser-Engraved Branding

To burn your brand into a promotional presentation, literally, nothing does the job like laser engraving. Check out these case studies about companies giving custom laser-engraved mini guitars to their rockstars, to express a special level of gratitude for their accomplishments.

Guitar Engraving Process

Guitar Engraving Gallery: Real Guitars and Mini Replicas

Click on Custom Engraving gallery photos below to view larger images.

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