It’s tough to find a truly unique commemorative keepsake to present as a corporate gift these days, because almost every manufactured product on the market has already been converted into a widely-distributed stock promotional item with a logo slapped on it.

The House of Blues and Live Nation ran into this problem when they wanted to commemorate the noteworthy service of long-time employees. AXE HEAVEN to the rescue! They worked with our Custom Shop to create personalized 22″ x 19″ Shadowboxes with custom full-color printed mat boards and custom handcrafted 10″ miniature guitars.

The end results below are definitely worthy of the accomplishments of the hard-working individuals who dedicated a decade or more helping their employer become a dominant force in their industry.

If you need a one-of-a-kind corporate gift to show your sincere appreciation to an important stakeholder, we can collaborate with you to design the perfect commemorative keepsake. Just contact us at for more info or a quote tailored for your specific needs.